Vegetable Gardens

Incorporating a Vegetable Garden into your Landscape Design

With the cost of food rising, there’s little reason not to consider having a vegetable garden if you have enough outdoor space. Fresh-picked vegetables are also extremely healthy, as you can ensure that they aren’t grown with any weird chemicals, and it’s a great way to put more green options in front of your family during every meal. Some homeowners don’t start vegetable gardens because they’re worried that their lack of experience will lead to disaster, but in actuality, gardens are typically extremely easy to grow. If you make the right plant choices, you don’t need a ton of time to grow your own food either.

Just because your vegetable garden is functional doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful as well. Many plants that are traditionally grown for food have beautiful flowers and large, green leaves. Think about how your garden will work into your overall landscape design, keeping in mind how different it will look as the seasons change. You don’t have to go with the traditional square patch of ground, though this is best for organization and is the easiest in terms of time. You can plant your garden in multiple spots, create a border around your house with your plants, or otherwise play with the shape of your garden.

You can also plant non-vegetable plants in the area as well to add color. Be aware that flowers suck up a lot of water, so this might mean that irrigation is necessary. Also look for plants that won’t interfere with your vegetables’ root systems, overtaking the garden. A few flowers in your vegetable garden are beautiful, though, and these can be harvest for your dinner table too – small potted plants make wonderful dining room centerpieces.

Not everyone has room for a garden, but if this is the case, you can still grow some of your own plants, making vegetables a part of your landscape design. Window boxes work well on the exterior of your home, and some plants, like tomatoes, grow in hanging baskets to decorate a porch with your harvest. You can also keep some plants, like herbs, inside, so gardening is possible even if you don’t have any exterior space at all! Think outside of the box when you want to garden even though you have a limited amount of room outside of your home.

Our build division will seamlessly take your design ideas and plans and execute them using our experienced project manager and trained installers and artisans. We can also coordinate any other trade people that may be required to complete your job, freeing up your time during the construction and landscape process.

The building of a beautiful outdoor space can be a complicated endeavor, using the skilled staff of Weeds Bloom makes it easy. We take great pride in providing talented carpenters, masons, equipment operators and landscape personnel to install your project whether it was designed by our staff or another design professional.

Our project managers can also schedule and coordinate subcontractors like electricians, plumbers, irrigation, and lighting to make your project flow without costly delays.

Whether it is a vegetable garden, pond, waterfall, water garden, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, garden or any other outdoor project, the Weeds Bloom team has the staff to complete you project big or small.

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