Weeds Garden & Interior Design offers all types of landscape design services in the Los Angeles area. Whether you are looking to install a garden from scratch for a newly constructed home or take your existing landscaping to the next level, give us a call!

At Weeds, we inspire people to spend more time outside by expanding their outdoor living area. We create one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces for dining, lounging and entertaining with colorful water-wise plantings and custom designed hardscape.

  • Sustainable Landscape & Hardscape Design

    Designing your garden can be challenging if you don’t have the big picture in mind. It’s kind of like building a house without a plan.  A sustainable, well-designed landscape can save water, energy and money.  More importantly, it steps just a little more lightly on our resources.  Whatever your design needs are, we will make it happen in a thoughtful, efficient manner.  Sustainable landscape design in Los Angeles, CA

  • Drip & Low Water Irrigation

    Irrigation here in Southern California is a big topic! There are efficient and economical methods of watering – and most of us don’t use them.  Let us help you save water and have happy plants, too. Drip Irrigation installation in Los Angeles, CA

  • Decks & Railings

    We design stunning decks and pergolas for you from any type of wood or composite material.  Deck & railing installation in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Firepits

    Nothing adds warmth to an outdoor entertaining area like a firepit – it is literally warming on our chilly evenings, and just the hospitable glow of the flames draws people to gather round. Freestanding or built-in, we can give you an amazing focal point  for roasting marshmallows or whatever! Firepit installation in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Let there be light! Outdoor areas are absolutely lost without the sparkle of some good lighting at night. Landscape lighting can completely change the look of your garden in the evening and create living areas that you never imagined before. Outdoor Lighting Design in Los Angeles, CA

  • Cash For Grass & Rebate/Grant Programs

    Thinking green as in cash not grass? A little environmentally conscious, but not averse to saving money? There are many programs out there offered by municipalities and water-power companies that encourage you to limit lawn and use waterwise irrigation products. Let us show you how to get rebate and grants that can help pay for your new garden. Cash for Grass in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Water Features

    Every oasis is improved by the splashing sound, beauty and tranquility of water. For your own garden haven, a fountain, pond or pool, trickling and flowing water can bring birds and butterflies, or just help mute the sound of the noisy neighbors. Water features Installation in Los Angeles, CA.

    • Climate Appropriate & Native Plants

      Our goal is to design and install the landscape you imagine – whatever your style, be it contemporary, traditional, English garden or Palm Springs, we can do it. And we can do it using a majority of  drought tolerant and native plants that thrive in our climate!  Who knew?  Drought Tolerant Design in Los Angeles, CA.

    • Patios, Walkways, Steps & Paths

      Meandering natural stone, straight lines and concrete or anything in between, we can imagine it, design it, and build it. Our accomplished team of builders are experts in all aspects of stone, brick, paver, gravel and decomposed granite installation.

    • Fences & Gates

      Fences are often the first thing people see when they visit your home – and you are surrounded by them.  These structures should suit your personal style as well as the architecture of your home. Wood, metal, rails, slats, natural, stained, painted… let us help you to create something just a notch or two up from that Home Depot picket prefab… Fencing installation in Los Angeles, CA.

    • Retaining Walls

      Transform sloped areas using concrete, metal, or stone retaining walls to create your dream outdoor area. Expand your space just because you can! Retaining walls installation in Los Angeles, CA.

    • Vegetable Gardens

      Incorporating a vegetable garden into a part of your landscape design is fun, beneficial, and beautiful too. You can ensure that the food you eat isn’t grown with harmful chemicals or pesticides. Kids love them – best way I know of to get your two-year-old to eat squash – or your 42 year old, for that matter… Vegetable Garden design and installation in Los Angeles, CA.

    • Planters

      Freestanding planters are an amazing design element.  We custom fabricate planters of reclaimed wood and/or steel to use in your garden for veggies, flowers, or whatever you can think of.  Structural landscape planters are the perfect hybrid between a container garden and open ground. Planters design and installation in Los Angeles, CA.

    • Raised Beds

      Problem areas in your garden?  Need some interesting topography in your outdoor space? An easy fix is permanent raised beds.  We make them out of concrete, steel or stone and in any shape or size you want. Raised bed design and installation in Los Angeles, CA.

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