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It’s Back Again…LADWP Lawn Removal Rebate (and Planting Tips)

Granted, it ain’t like the old glory days, when the golf courses swooped in on the really juicy money, but you can still get $1.75 per square foot, up to 1500 square feet, or $2,625.00.  And finally, the behemoth of the LADWP has seen the light and dis-allowed artificial turf

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Non-Natives, Make Yourselves at Home and Stay a While…in Fact, Join the Evolution

Recently, I heard a comment that sustainable landscape designers and installers should only use native plants.  I humbly disagree!  I’ll start by poaching a bit from my website about the big picture of sustainability 😉 First of all, what is sustainability in landscape design and implementation?  Well to me, very

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Don’t Throw the Trees Out With the Bathwater

What I really mean is, use the bathwater for the trees, or something like that… What? Why? Because, while we are energetically ripping out our lawns in front gardens, back gardens and parkways and so correctly dialing down our water use, we are leaving the trees standing high and dry. Yes, trees

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Update on the LADWP Cash for Grass Rebate Program

Well, as of May 12, 2015, the new LADWP rebate is still pretty darn good – the per square foot numbers are the same, but they have added a cap of 3000 sq ft… still the max rebate is $8,825 for 3000 sq ft… not a bad incentive at all…

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You Know That Big Green Lawn You Have…

…well, get used to a big brown lawn, or.. Turn a positive into a negative! Take out your grass and: 1. Replace with low water plants and irrigation and earn yourself a substantial rebate from the MWD 2. Reduce your water bill and avoid the fines and penalties for excess

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How to Make Something Out of Nothing and NOTE: Cash for Grass is now $ 3.75 per square foot for the first 1500 square feet and $2.00 per square foot for the remainder, with no cap!

Just a correction… keep in mind that if you have a relatively average amount of grass, say 1500-2000 square feet, you are looking at a rebate of $5,625.00 – $7,625.00 And, here is a new patio we made of reclaimed site materials.. aka, trash! Doesn’t look so rubbishy now, does

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Yet More Info on Cash for Grass & Sustainable Landscaping!

Now that the LADWP has raised it’s rebate amount to $3.75 per square foot with no cap, I’m sure even more people will want to understand how this program works! Here’s an interview I recently did with Southern California Homes, which provides a re-cap of some of the important things

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What’s a Question Without an Answer? Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cash for Grass Program

  We assume you’ve arrived at this website not by mere happenstance (unless that’s exactly why you’re here, in which case, welcome!), but because you are looking to become the talk of your block by replacing your mundane slab of homogenized grass with the distinct beauty of drought resistant, arid plants

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Cash for Grass? Yes, But Be Prepared to Wait…

By now you have probably heard that you can actually make money by removing your grass and replacing it with appropriate, approved landscaping. Right now, LADWP is offering $2 per square foot of turf removal in their Cash for Grass program, for up to $4000 per household. In fact the program

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Lawn Going Going Gone?

Thanks to Ruth in Santa Monica for forwarding me a link to this New York Times article: Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn  Just a little reminder… Anyone who knows me and my company knows that we’ll do our best to sweet talk you out of your lawn.  If you

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