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  • We bought a new home in Santa Monica, but the developer didn't put much effort into the landscaping. We hired Nancy and crew (after two tries with other companies)  to revamp the landscaping in front and back. She was awesome.
     -She has a great sense of design.
     -She knows plants.
     -She hires great workers.
     -She is fun to work with.
     -She is reliable.
     -She goes the extra mile to get the end result we want, even when it meant tweaking the original plan a bit.
     -She is professional. While her subcontractor build a fence around our pool equipment they inadvertently (and unknowingly) cracked one of the plastic pipes going to the pool. Once that became apparent, she got someone to spend the day it took to find and fix the problem.
     -She clearly is in this for the long run, so her goal was always to make the house look great and make us happy.
     -She is willing to speak up when she disagrees with us, to help us make decisions that make sense.
     -Her crews always cleaned up after themselves.
    We are 100+% satisfied and recommend her without reservation.
    - Harvey Motulsky (Santa Monica)
  • I just bought my first house - a definite fixer-upper - and quickly learned how important it is to find someone you can really trust with working on an intimate, personal space like your home. Nancy is that someone. I actually found her on Yelp and thought, "Well, she has five stars... let's see why." She deserves every single one of them. She was fantastic at working with me on the budget, she finished everything exactly when she said she would, and responded to any questions I emailed within hours of me sending them - and I sent A LOT of emails. (Yep, I can be high-maintenance.) She knows plants and taught me a heck of a lot of stuff I didn't know, and she also did a really good job of listening to my own needs - something almost no other contractors have done. The couple times things haven't been quite right - for example when a bougainvillea died after a week - she came back and fixed it immediately. Most important, though, the work she does is spectacular. My front and back yards were a mess of concrete and dead, old plants. That crap is all gone, and in its place is a gorgeous colorful garden with a quaint stone path that runs from one end to another. It's like something out of a fairytale, and I enjoy walking through it every single night when I get home from the office. At first I was thinking of trying to landscape this project myself - after all, just a few plants, right? But it's so, so much more complicated than that. Now that it's done, there's not a day goes by that I'm not thrilled I hired Nancy to make my gardening dreams come true.
    - Chris Farah (Silver Lake)
  • Working with Nancy to replace my lawn was a wonderful experience! The grass we had was huge and water hungry. The plants around the building had grown and had started blocking windows. The final issue was that the sprinklers kept breaking every week and shooting water everywhere. I wanted to cut out the water waste and have a beautiful yard I found Nancy through a recommendation of a neighbor. Nancy understood what I was asking for with the yard including getting rid of grass, having some open space for barbecuing and saving on water and resources. After our discussion of plants to find out what I liked and didn't like, she brought a lovely preliminary blueprint for the yard layout. The choice of plants were beautiful and would look great with the color of my building. She incorporated a broken concrete path and patio area which is enchanting and perfect for relaxing on. Once we started, I wasn't needed for anything. She handled all the permits, lawn removal dumpster setup, plant purchasing and planting. She documented the before-and-after and took care of filing the water company rebate for me which returned the maximum rebate available for my yard. All I had to do was watch the old plants and grass disappear and the new plants, native grasses and trees appear every day during the planting process. I love my new yard and have enjoyed watching it grow and change since the planting.
    - Caroline Handel, (Culver City)
  • "Why you should hire Nancy Knapp immediately... I found Nancy Knapp when I saw her "WEEDS" sign posted on a front yard that I admired.  I set up a meeting with her and instantly loved her.  She is super creative, always has a smile, is full of enthusiasm and LISTENS.  She spent several hours with me on our fist meeting looking and taking all my thoughts and desires in.  She had many great ideas right away.  She went away and came back a week later with an amazing set of sketches, plant ideas, photographs and plans.  She did all this before I even officially hired her.  I'd told her to create low, medium and high budget ideas.  We chose the middle range but honestly I feel as though it's worth a zillion bucks it looks that AMAZING!!!  She was totally on budget.  She's been back many times without charging me to make sure that everything is thriving and looks great.  This is the kind of passion Nancy has. Nancy is kind of magical in how she approaches design.  I'd told her i'd just lost my parents (who were living with me at the end of their lives).  I also told her I liked circles.  She created this special design that had 3 partial circles and told me she'd had the idea from listening to me talk about how much I missed my parents.  I was so touched by her creativity and her humanity that I took the leap of faith and hired her without asking for any references. She exceeded all my expectations.  She is also a forward thinker.  She can be eco friendly if you wish for that.  I had solar on my house and wanted to have a low-water, draught tolerant design.  She was able to use my front yard as a blank canvas and managed to paint extreme beauty and peacefulness, with plants, flowers and hardscaping, that was cost effective and great for the planet. I can't say enough good things about Nancy Knapp and her company WEEDS.  She's a true gem."
    - Sue Wolf (Cheviot Hills)

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